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Free Coffee

  我們提供"現磨現沖"的免費的咖啡,濃淡. 大小杯都可自行調整。歡迎重度咖啡需求者使用,只要您有需要或您客戶來訪隨時歡迎自行取用。


We offer free fresh brew coffee.  Welcome heavy coffeeholics to self-adjusting cups, as long as you need or your customers visit at any time.

Change the type of coffee from time to time. If you have a special favorite coffee, please feel free to discuss with us.

High Speed Internet
  • 企業級 500M/100M光纖網路

  • 企業級 雙核心網管/防火牆路由器

  • 企業級 Giga  網管交換器

  • 支援VLAN與其他團隊使用網路不互相干擾

  • 高速WiFi 6, 802.11ax

  • 500M Downlink /100M Uplink Fiber-Optic Internet

  • Enterprise class dual core firewall gateway and router

  • Enterprise  class Layer2/3 Giga Speed switch

  • Support VLAN and VPN  for remote co-worker.

  • High Speed WiFi 6, 802.11ax

24hrs Open
  • 大樓式警衛管理

  • 獨立辦公室/個人門禁卡

  • 24小時空間開放

  • 攝影機監視系統保護

  • 24 hrs Building guard

  • 24 hrs Open

  • Office room /Personal Mifare RFID access card

  • Independent  surveillance system to keep you safe

Fresh Air

        在這裡我們特別安裝全熱式活氧交換機,讓您工作的環境能夠維持良好的空氣品質,提高工作效率。PM2.5 空氣粒子清淨機. 讓工作環境保持乾淨清新的空氣。

        We specially install a Fresh Air Ventilation/oxygen exchange system, so that your working environment can maintain good air quality and improve work efficiency. PM2.5 Air Particle Cleaner. Keep the working environment clean and fresh air.

3D Printer Support


This space is equipped with a 3D printer For the design or product development team, the whole case process will be helpful.

Even if you are just based on interest, you can use our 3D printing in the space to make some interesting fun things. We welcome everyone to exchange ideas and use 3D printing to discover different new things.

Printer & Fax


We have a multi-function copy machine  to provide convenient work in the space, and hope to meet the needs of the member, At present, it is free to use for member , but in order to save energy and reduce CO2, users still have to bring their own paper.

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